The Friendzone: 3 Reasons It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

It’s been five days since Valentine’s Day and if you’re like me you spent it alone, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’re like many people in the world who have expressed their affection for someone and been shot down then you may have fallen into the dreaded friendzone. If you’ve been put in it before, I sympathize with you, if you haven’t, congratulations, you did it, maybe you can share some advice with us. Until their advice comes through I want to shed some light on this friendzone and share some thoughts to keep with you while you’re tending your zone.

To those not aware of the friendzone here is a brief description. In almost everyone’s lifetime you will experience a moment where you have a best friend of the opposite sex. At some point you will have romantic feelings for that person and you will attempt to pursue them, but most definitely to your demise. Where your dreams of such a relationship go to die is…


However, there is hope! There are stories of people who have bided their time and managed to crawl their way out of the friendzone to reach their much desired relationship. While you wait for that day here are a couple things to ponder and keep you sane:

You’re Their Best Friend

If you’ve been friendzoned you’ve probably been told this, “You’re too good of a friend to lose.” That hurts at the time but let’s think about it, is that a bad thing?

Although you aren’t dating them you’re still their best friend who they turn to for many decisions. This is the next best thing to actually dating them and you can always hold tight to the dream that one day they will wise up and realize the ultimate goal is to be with the person who has seen them at their best, worst, and most vulnerable; they will realize it was their best friend the whole time.

After all what’s the purpose of having a significant other? To find someone of the opposite sex to be your best friend, you’re already halfway there.

You’re A Genuinely Good Person

You ever hear this before, “You’re such a nice person and  I don’t want to lose that.”


(Same, James, same.) But let’s once again look at that statement, “You’re just a super nice friend.” Okay, what’s wrong with that? You have genuine feelings for a person, that’s a good thing, and you clearly aren’t treating people like dirt, that’s also a good thing.

Rejoice in the fact that you are a genuinely good person which will take you further in life than being an ass. (Also, it’s just better to be acquainted with a nice person than a jerk so  kudos to you!) It may just take them time to realize they deserve a good person like you but there’s a chance they may never realize that so brace yourself…

The Right Person Is Out There

How about this one, “You’re gonna find the right person, but it’s just not me.” You know what, that’s okay too!  It’s a hard reality to reach but they may just not realize how great you are, but it’s okay because there is someone out there for you.

Someone will eventually come along and see you for all the wonderful things you are which the one you threw yourself after for so long failed to see. They’ll treat you right and it is a fact you will find your happiness because a person is endowed with the human right to pursue happiness.

So do not give up! You’ll either find a rope or ladder or manage to parkour your way out of the friendzone, or you’ll find someone who loves you for you. For now embrace the fact that you are awesome and deserve the best and when you do that good things will start to come your way.

Also, always remember:




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