3 Ways You Can and Should Fit Your Family Into Your Spring Break Plans

(A sigh of relief) Yes, the long awaited break from midterms, papers, and stress has finally arrived for college and high school students alike. For many of us in Wisconsin we’re tired of the cold, rainy weather and dream of being on a beach with friends having a day (Yes, having a day, make it what you want it to be). As enticing as that sounds I have never taken a typical “Spring Break” trip as many of my fellow colleagues have and I’m perfectly fine with that! Those trips are gross, people don’t shower for days, and odds are you’re standing in puke almost all the time, in fact read all about it here; besides I got to spend time with my family instead.

Think of it this way, you lived in their household for 18 years straight. They’re used to seeing you every day for 18 years and then after high school you’re just gone for months on end and probably don’t call as much as you should. I know not everyone will agree with me, and that’s okay I can handle arguments the other way, but I feel if you don’t get home very often it wouldn’t hurt to spend a Spring Break at home with you family. For those intrigued by this thought I want to show you three ways you can include your family in your spring break plans and still have fun.

1. Go Home

Let’s put all the angsty teenage thoughts about wanting to get out of the house and start your life away for a moment. When was the last time you were home to see your family? Christmas time? That’s what I thought! Also, here’s a crazy thought, they miss you and want to spend time with you! Everyone has a moment in college where they miss their parents and just want to go home and there is no better time to do so than Spring Break.

Returning home for break meant I would have a home cooked meal, not something the dining hall threw in a deep fryer or microwaved and said it was edible. Home is where my comfy bed is and I can sleep for hours on end. And most importantly home is where my pets and family are. Those are the two things that will always give you unconditional love and as the second half of the semester begins to wind up and finals start soon after, it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with people who shower you with love.

2. Take an Abbreviated Trip

This Spring Break I’m going home and I can’t wait, I miss my family a lot, but I also enjoy being with my friends. So the first weekend of break I’m taking an abbreviated trip with some friends to Chicago and then going home. This gives you the best of both worlds because you have your friends for a small part with a trip and then you can go home for a still very significant chunk of time and be with your family.

Another reason I like this option is because it helps me ease into my “Break” mindset. If I ever went home for a weekend to visit my family during the school year it always went by so fast and I never got to enjoy my weekends with them fully. If I start out my weekend on a small trip with friends it makes me think it’s like all other weekends so I relax a little more without the impending sadness of leaving my family. Then I realize I get to go home and spend a week with my family and I feel I can enjoy it that much more! (It’s all psychological if you really think about)

3. Take a Trip With Your Family

Sophomore year in college my dad and I took a trip to Washington D.C. together, which I believe everybody should do once in their life. We both love history and wanted to go for the longest time. We also figured it would be warmer than Wisconsin over there so it couldn’t hurt. (We were very much wrong, it was in the 60s the day we got there and then two days later it snowed 3 inches and they shut down EVERYTHING!! We clearly were not in Wisconsin anymore)

My dad and I in D.C.

This was a great father and son trip, we got to experience the Metro after a Washington Capitals hockey game and I introduced him to Chipotle and their guacamole and he is addicted now. I look back on those memories fondly and will never forget the time we had together and it goes to show you don’t have to just go on a trip with your friends to make great memories.

Some of my motivation for this post comes from Spring Break being next week and I’m excited for some much needed rest; some is because I miss my animals and can’t wait to cuddle with them. Mostly my motivation comes from my thoughts about graduating in two months and the realization I won’t have many more chances to spend with my family.

I have my whole life to go to a beach with friends and visit new places, but not the rest of my life with my family. Don’t take them for granted, they miss you even if they don’t say it or show it, they do. I will never regret a moment I spend a break with my family because I love them and cherish every moment I have with them. Now don’t go out and cancel your plans because Brandon said so, that’s bad, bad collegegartner (Read my post about collegegarten here) but maybe next time before you get all amped to go down South and party with your friends, think of your parents and how they want to spend some time with you before you begin your new life after college, there will be more chances to go down South later on.

To my family reading this, I love you and will see you soon.



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