An Open Letter On March Madness to College Professors

As a college student and a sports fan we’ve entered my favorite season of the year, not spring! Spring is wet, cold, and muddy all the time minus the few days you can step outside and say, “This is alright,” and then boom! It rains for a week straight, but I digress. No, we’ve entered March Madness, essentially the second season for college basketball which, for many college students, begins two days before our Spring Break and professors choose to hold class on those days. As I know I’m not the only college student who shares this sentiment I would like to compose a letter to all professors, especially those whose schools are in the tournament, on behalf of those students and express what they are thinking during their class.

Dear Valued Professors,

We want you to know we appreciate everything you have to offer us as we further our educations and broaden our minds. You’re THE leading experts in your fields and we can see the passion in your eyes as you teach us your trade, but you have to understand something at this time of year…

Most of us are checked out! For many of us March Madness has been a month long process with papers, exams, and stress holding us down while the thought of Spring Break and rest taunts us in the distance. Although some of us get the basketball tournament and Spring Break during the same week, not all of us can be that lucky and we feel their pain. This is why we propose optional classes for those two days.

We understand we’re spending the money to get this education and every class cancelled or skipped costs us about $51. But you have to understand we’ve been coming to class for weeks straight working day in and day out. With the heaping amounts of stress, coupled with Spring Break being so close we can touch it, we are beat and need to blow off some steam, and many of us do this by filling out a bracket and watching the games.

It’s completely trivial, we know. How many statistics we can look at and scenarios we can ponder doesn’t really matter because we can’t control how a team plays just as we can’t in any other sport. What we can do is watch and enjoy as our brackets either sink or swim and feel good about the potential upsets we picked or how well our brackets have done compared to others.

Additionally, with as much respect as possible, we reluctantly have to inform you nobody is paying attention in class on the Thursday before Spring Break and when the tournament begins. This is most likely the scene you will see in class that Thursday: about half the normal number of students that do show up because half have already left for Spring Break and the other half decided to stay home to watch the games; 25% look like they’re taking notes on their computers but are really watching the game playing during that class; 15% are asleep because they are so worn down but felt the need to show up; and 5% are actually paying attention and we give them a hardy pat on the back because they have powered through their month and keep going strong.

For the rest of us we apologize, we are only human.We have succumbed to lethargy as our Spring Break begins in two days and the tournament has begun sooner making it increasingly difficult to focus in class. We don’t need class to be cancelled, it would be nice but we ultimately do understand. A simple acknowledgement of the tournament, maybe a little peak into one of the games, and a joke about your busted bracket will suffice. This will make us feel better and help you appear human, as we all are. (An abbreviated class wouldn’t hurt either, for those with Spring Break clouding their minds)

We hope you understand and will take into consideration our thoughts on March Madness and Spring Break. Thank you for your time.


College Students Everywhere

*May your brackets rest in peace




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