Student Orgs and the Benefits they Provide You

I did a post back in February, you remember February, right? Cold, snowy,
miserable? Well here in Wisconsin April looks and feels a lot like February again and We’re all sick of it! But rant aside I wanted to bring up my post again because talked about joining student orgs to help pass the time, but now I want to delve a little deeper and explain the benefits they can give you.

Relevant Work Experience

When you begin looking for jobs you’ll find a lot, and I mean a lot, of places asking for x
number of years of experience before applying. In many cases your summer job at the golf course or as a custodian won’t be able to provide that much experience in a marketing position, so you have to find it somewhere.

Good places to start are with your course work but that can often be too structured and not mimic what an actual work setting would be like for your potential career. Student orgs can often provide this outlet to truly experience what your field is like. I wanted more experience in marketing outside of the classroom so I joined the National Agri-Marketing Association and it has showed me what it’s like to be on a team with creative and motivated people and see an entire marketing plan come together under similar real world situations.

They can boost your resume and help you weed through what you may want to do in life. But they can also do so much more, like expand your circle of friends!

More Friends

What’s better than having more friends to laugh and hang out with, not much I’ll tell you right now! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people through student orgs that have helped me grow and think about things differently and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

On a related note, networking is very important for finding jobs and even just getting help with homework or a project in general. So you get more friends plus more resources to help you be successful and for you to help them be successful because everybody brings something to the party!

Although they can be a lot of added work on top of your already busy schedule, you do get to reap the rewards at the end!


Today I am traveling to Kansas City where my org will be presenting our marketing plan in front of a panel of judges and against other collegiate level teams. How cool is that? We get to travel and see different parts of the nation for almost a week while others are sitting in class! In addition I’ll be in nice 60 degree weather and enjoying every minute of it.

Travel doesn’t happen in all student orgs, but there are still other perks like the cool “swag” you can receive. Most orgs have t-shirts for everyone to wear or key chains and bottle openers you get for joining. One of the coolest things I ever got was a pint-sized glass and a can koozie from the Badger Herald when I started writing for them.

Who knows what you’ll get for joining the org of your interest but that shouldn’t be the only reason to join. You’ll receive experience you won’t find anywhere else and memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t wait until your senior year to join one, check out your university’s student org page now and start planning for next year.

What a good looking team! Wish us luck!

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