Life Chapter Changes and Why They are Important

Oh, hey everybody…well this is kind of awkward…I know, it’s been awhile but I have an explanation. Life! Life happened and I had to get my ducks in a row and take care of a few things. So let me fill you in quickly from the last time we chatted: I graduated from college and began my new job. On top of that I made the decision to live in an apartment with four women next year…look out Three’s Company and New Girl, they’ve got nothing on me!

So my life is shifting before my eyes as I take on new adult roles, which are mostly new to me, and that’s what I want to talk with you about, life chapter changes! How perfect?! (Some things will never change)

Have you ever finished a book that just blew you away then tried to read another book but no matter how many people recommended it you just couldn’t get into it? This is called book hangover and it is very relatable to life. I can tell you right now, no matter how ready you feel for college or to graduate college you will experience a life hangover. But I want to outline the stages of a book/life hangover and how you will overcome it, let’s start right as you finish the book.

The Finish

You’ve just finished this great book, your mind is blown and you feel motivated to read more books after that. This is what it is like to graduate high school and college and get ready for the next chapter in life. You are excited, motivated and feel all around happier. You’ve selected the next book your friends recommended to you (or college or job) and can’t wait to get started. But then you begin reading the first chapter and you start to feel hesitant to move on from the last book, and this is the next stage.


No matter what, you just don’t feel as though you can get past that first chapter in the new book and you keep holding back and thinking about that last book you read. (For me that was 11/22/63 by Stephen King, read it if you have the time!) In life you will experience hesitance to move on from a good book to another book and from one stage of life to another. You’ll look back at the past stage and wish you were still there, but that does nothing to help you. You don’t grow from sulking in the past, you can only appreciate the memories, move on and create new memories. That’s the last stage.


Acceptance may not be the best word for this stage, but it’s not the worst either and the same goes for hope. To move from one stage in life to the next, you need to accept the things that happened in the past, or accept that the book is done, and learn to appreciate those memories you made while understanding the next stage can hold even greater things. From that point, once you’ve reached acceptance you begin to have hope that the next chapter will be just as good or even better. (See how I worked the book pun in there?) This is where I am in life right now after starting my new job, hope.

I graduated and was really excited for the next stage in life because it meant life was about to begin. But as it got closer and closer, I began to feel apprehension, and, finally, after beginning my job, I feel hope. Hope for this new stage in life to lead me to new and exciting things and to continue being a service and help others.

I feel this applies to many areas in life and if you are experiencing any hesitation about taking the next leap in life, my best words of advice are to just take a leap of faith. You never know what to expect until you get there. Be as prepared as you can be, but ultimately YOU have to turn the page to start that next chapter and see what you have been missing out on.

My next chapter has begun.

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