The name is Maly, Brandon Maly, currently a senior at the greatest university on the planet, the University of Wisconsin. Being a first generation college student and former residential assistant I have stories and insights I believe could benefit first year students, or any college student, in the long run. With desires to work in communications and student services I want to answer the questions you have about attending college, such as: what should I bring, are frats everything they seem to be, and why does my roommate stink (literally). With this blog I will attempt to unmask those questions and provide not only a humorous answer but an applicable one.

A little more about me, I have an aggressive love for movies, my favorites include Forrest Gump and Back to the Future, yes I can quote both of them. I love all types of sports and try to be active as much as possible, I’m currently training for a full marathon this year. Lastly, I have a passion to help people be happy in any way, shape, or form and if I can go out to make a person laugh or smile each day then I have done my job.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope I can help you with a problem. If you ever have something you want to know just reach out to me, I’m a very approachable person and love to meet new people! Twitter: @MalyBrandon

Brandon Maly


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