New Year’s Resolutions and Splitting Wood: An Analogy

Happy New Year!  You know how I know it's the new year (besides the fact it is January 8, 2018)?  Because suddenly every elliptical and treadmill at my gym is flooded with the new strained and red faces of people who have decided their New Year's Resolution is to get fit, which is a great... Continue Reading →


Don’t Worry, You’re Right Where You Need to Be

Tell me if this sounds familiar, "Stop worrying, things will happen when they happen."  Hmm?  Yeah, I thought it might because I was also told that at least one thousand times and I hated it every single time I heard it.  Roll your eyes all you want, but let me tell you something, everybody who... Continue Reading →

A Tale of the Death of Cargo Shorts

The weather is finally getting warmer out (well warmish, I'm not really sure what's going on with the weather because one day I'll be drenched in sweat opening a jar of pickles and the next I'm putting on my snuggie and refusing to go outside) but spring and summer are coming! This means shorts weather... Continue Reading →

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